Memorial donations can be made in honor of a deceased loved one, a special person, or a special occasion. The designated recipient of the memorial will be sent a card notifying them about the donation. Please send your memorial donation to our mailing address designated below along with the following information:

* The name of the deceased or the person that you wish to honor.

* The name and address of the person you would like for us to send the memorial/honor card to.

* Your name as you want it to appear on the memorial/honor card along with your address, and contact information.

If you would like to give friends and family the opportunity to donate to the 100 Club of Wharton County in honor is a deceased loved on, memorial envelopes are available. Most Wharton County funeral homes have a supply of our memorial donation envelopes. However, if the funeral home does not have them, please contact Jimmy Triska at 979-543-3681 and he will get them to you.


The 100 Club of Wharton County
P.O. Box 46
El Campo, TX 77437